Who We Are

Affinity Media USA brings 25 years of experience in pop culture and brand building to the USA.

With a strong background in technology and entertainment in the UK, Affinity Media USA offers a unique and alternative viewpoint for American companies seeking a creative partner for their next project.

We bring smarts and out-of-the-box thinking – backed by oodles of enthusiasm, to any project – large or small. We particularly understand how to take a great concept… and mould it into something amazing. We believe the best marketing is offering a stunning product that consumers simply love.

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What We Do

We partner with companies and individuals that want to achieve something amazing.

Our work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Techcrunch, Washington Post, Mashable, and the BBC among others.

We combine multi-disciplinary expertise in web publishing, product development, community building, UX design, software development, hardware, SEO and ideas generation, to develop products that are innovative, successful, and which satisfy an unmet need among consumers.

We work with similarly innovative companies on a bespoke basis – as lead entrepreneurs, consultants or joint venture partners.

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Our Purpose

We love to push the boundaries of the possible. We relish challenging the norms. No project is too ambitious or outlandish.

We believe in the value of ideas and take great care in all the details. Implementation is important, but a great idea stands at the base of everything we do.

Our current areas of interest encompass virtual reality, consumer products, ideation, and things that literally fly. We regularly experiment with new technologies and have insight into new areas of technology and materials.

Come fly with us…

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